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SESMAN Group is active in the plastic scrap recycling business, trading in most countries in North-, Central- and South-America.


We buy various plastic scrap materials, such as:

  • ABS: Reels

  • HDPE: Detergent bottles, milk bottles, drums, jerrycans, films, nets, shoe forms

  • LDPE / LLDPE: Films

  • MIXED: Lumps, runners, parts from the automotive industry (PC/PMMA/ABS)

  • PA (Nylon): Air bags, fishing nets, strappings, filaments

  • PC: Big water bottles, greenhouse rooftops, offcuts, CD/DVD, CD lumps, runners

  • PC/ABS: Computer / TV casings

  • PE/PA: Films in rolls, bales

  • PET: Pet bottles , preforms, films in rolls / bales, strapping

  • PMMA (Acrylic): Advertising plates, offcuts, car lights

  • POM: Gears, parts

  • PP: Big bags, flower pots, casing from DVD, non-woven, washing machine casing, buckets, car bumpers, rolls, corrugated plates

  • PP/PE: Mixed rigids

  • PS: Refrigerator casing, clothes hangers, expanded foam (EPS) blocks, youghurt cups offcuts, trays

  • PVB: Natural, single layer, double layer

  • PVC: Film from stationery, profiles, pipes, blisters

  • SILICON: Offcuts, runners

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